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Health diagnostics and technical fleet management

Flight-critical components such as motors, batteries and flight controllers must always be in good condition to ensure reliable operations. Whilst manned aviation has evolved into the safest mode of transport during recent decades, unmanned aviation still has some catching up to do when it comes to maintenance concepts.

Currently, there are no widely applied standards for maintenance and monitoring of the health of unmanned aircraft. Instead, maintenance is usually based on preventive recommendations from the manufacturer or on manual visual and acoustic checks. Both incorrect and reactive maintenance can have a negative impact on the mission and the unmanned aircraft due to the inability to detect technical issues. Furthermore, the untimely removal of components that are still healthy leads to unnecessary maintenance costs and operational down time.

Applying diagnostic services to unmanned aircraft

SafeDrone Health, a fully cloud-based solution, allows you to monitor and diagnose the technical condition of your UAVs and Personal Aerial Vehicles (PAVs) with unparalleled precision and accuracy. Without installing any additional hardware or software, we analyze hundreds of technical parameters generated by pre-installed sensors. As a result, you will be informed of impending failures before they lead to an accident. Our recommended maintenance actions can be triggered at the right time, rather than too late or too early. Maintenance logging and asset management modules allow for end-to-end tracking and fulfill forthcoming regulations.

With SafeDrone Health we have transferred and synergized a safe and established method from manned aviation to your unmanned systems.

SafeDrone Health offers solutions for all stakeholders:

  • economical service for end-customers
  • enhanced asset availability and lowered risk exposure for operators
  • actionable data from operations and value-added services for manufacturers
  • a tool for authorities to monitor and assess operations

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