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Drone solutions

Drone Solutions is a platform that enables safe air traffic management of unmanned flight operations. It offers a wide range of services available to a drone pilot through one registration on one account. The complex system evaluates whether the requested UAV operation is possible and complies with the applicable regulations and current conditions. Our aim is to create and share air­space safety in rapidly evolving unmanned environment.


Building on our aeronautical experience and our passion for drones, we created the key element for integrating manned and unmanned aviation. It includes flight conditions verification, rules and regulations checking, course collision alerts, and full information about the user, area, and duration of the flight for air traffic controllers. Essential for airport authorities, simple and convenient for pilots. Drone Solutions provides a clear overview and enables two worlds to coexist in one airspace.

Key features and benefits:

  • integration of manned and unmanned aviation in one airspace
  • automatic airspace reservation
  • identification of unauthorized flights
  • course collision alert
  • real-time communication between air traffic control center and UAV pilot
  • rules and regulations on a country-by-country basis

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