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Integrated real-time telemetry transmission and monitoring for UAV fleets

A future increase of continuous UAV operation in auto­nomous missions will necessitate extended ­telemetry, robust data transfer and monitoring of your aerial vehicles in real-time. Our solution complements ­standard telemetry data and keeps you automatically and reliably informed at an early stage.

Additional status parameters for critical components and environmental data, such as battery temperature and voltage at the cell level, vibrations, outside temperature, and condensation are collected, pre-processed and transmitted along with location data across long distances to a cloud service. Here, the data can be monitored in real time and kept for further diagnostics of your whole fleet.

Rules can be set up to trigger activities and alerts in your backend system. If required, filter and forwarding rules for messages also allow integration of the solution into Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) scenarios e. g. for tracking of individual devices by public authorities.

Why choose Lufthansa Industry Solutions?

  • Lufthansa Industry Solutions pairs IoT competence with experience in maintenance and repair processes from a wide range of industries.
  • The most important components of an Industry 4.0 solution are sensor technology and interfaces for transferring and analyzing data.
  • Processing data in real-time and transferring data securely are a deciding factor in the successful transition to a data-driven company.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions
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