Lufthansa Consulting

Aviation consulting services

Lufthansa Consulting has acquired significant experience in the UAV market from setting up Lufthansa Aerial Services, from our 30-year history, and from more than 3,000 global aviation projects. We offer
our experience to a wide range of industry participants including manufacturers, operators and policy-makers.

We know the answers to your questions

We understand the safety needs of all airspace users and are able to navigate this rapidly developing industry. We can answer your questions like "Do UAVs provide me with an opportunity to improve data quality, lower my costs, and reduce risks? How can I overcome the potential risks of drones for my business or premises? As a UAV operator, how can I get permission to operate in a particular country and risk class?"

We solve your issues

  • We can help in setting up the right national UAV policy to foster this business opportunity and to balance it with the legitimate interests of groups that need to monitor activities and protect stakeholders from misuse of the technology.
  • We support UAV operators in developing risk-management and mitigation systems to gain the necessary approval for their missions.
  • We can provide guidance and support to help in the search for the right service provider, e. g. in public tendering processes.
  • We can evaluate the advantages for you of using UAV systems instead of traditional technologies.

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